Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Marketing Hole

As a self-publishing author, readers may not understand the difficulties of trying to market yourself. Most become upset if you insert your books into forum threads while others welcome the posts. I've spent a month trying to come up with easy, simple, cheap ways of marketing my books and have found zero resources for it. You have to sit back and second guess yourself, wondering if the genre you are writing is really open to Indie authors. Only time will tell.


  1. Hi, Sandra

    Well, of course it's difficult. Just rememeber how many people daily release their books onto the reader, indie, as well as established authors who went the traditional route. Don't forget that the big publishers spend a fortune to get their new authors marketed, plus, they have their name in the background.

    I've just released my book, too and it's hard work to be out there, sell yourself, your writing and everything else.

    There are rare exceptions that made it big being an indie, but even they have had a big platform and following beforehand.

    Good luck and keep up blogging and networking. :-)

  2. Work hard, be patient, have luck. :-) I think good stuff always finds its way to the public.
    Un saludo desde España.

  3. Hey there!
    Nice to meet another indie author. Come join us on goodreads (group name chirenjenzie) or look me up on twitter. I'm @kailmeyra. We have a great group of writers who love to just support the effort and help each other out along the way.
    Take care,

  4. Found you through Beth ^ there, on FB. Welcome to the club! It takes time to build a reader base but if you don't give up, it'll happen. Besides chirenjenzie, another good group is Bestseller Bound on Goodreads and here: http://quietfurybooks.com/messageboard/index.php Best of everything to you! We're all here cheering you on!


  5. In my experience, each forum or community has a slightly different atmosphere and what is considered acceptable and what is over the line with promotion. Often just having the link to your works in the signature file is enough. If you're thoughtful and helpful or interesting or just plain old fun in the threads, some people will eventually click to see what you're about (with respect to the writing).